Review : Kalyana Vaibhogame – Breezy & Beautiful


Release date : March 4th, 2016
Director : B. V. Nandini Reddy
Producer : K L Damodar Prasad
Music Director : Kalyan Koduri
Starring : Naga Shourya, Malavika Nair

Nandini Reddy is back after a long gap with the romantic entertainer, ‘Kalyana Vaibhogame’. Featuring Naga Shourya and Malavika in lead roles, the film has music from Kalyan Koduri and dialogues from Lakshmi Bhupal. The movie has hit the screens today, so let us check it out.

Story :

Sourya (Naga Sourya) and Divya (Malavika) are fiercely independant and talented youngsters who do not have a very good opinion about marriage, for their own reasons. Both face immense pressure from their parents to get married and happen to meet each other during an ‘arranged date’ (Pelli Choopulu).

They bond over a cigarette in their very first meeting and after a while, decide that the best way to avoid parental pressure and get on with their respective career goals is to get married to each other. Basically, it is a marriage of convenience.

They have fun and both the families are happy. But when two youngsters live together under one roof and decide to be friends, conflicting emotions can take over. That is what happens in the case of Sourya and Divya. Without realising it, they develop feelings for each other but are hesitant about revealing their emotions.

All hell breaks loose when Divya’s father comes to know about the truth. The two of them are separated. But when two hearts bond strongly, can they really be separated by anyone? That is what the story of ‘Kalyana Vaibhogame’ is all about.

Plus Points :

Naga Shourya has given a neat and balanced performance in the movie. His comedy timing is spot on and his performance during emotional scenes is good. Malavika Nair is the highlight of the film. She has a girl next door look that is so adorable. You instantly relate to her and she uses this to good advantage.

In fact, one of the biggest strengths of the film is the writing. The characters have been sketched out really well and you will easily be reminded of so many people in your family when you watch the movie.

Aishwarya and Raasi look good as the mothers. Raj Madiraju gives a subtle and effective performance as Shourya’s dad. His diction is amazing.

The film’s theme and story will strike a chord with youngsters and just married couples. Nandini Reddy has succeeded in portraying the emotions that exist between two young adults of the opposite sex in a very beautiful and sensitive way.

Minus Points :

The film’s story and some of the scenes do remind you of films like ‘Happy’, ‘Anthaku Mundhu aa Taruvatha’ and even ‘Ala Modalaindhi’. Films have dealt with live in relationships in the past and Kalyana Vaibhogame has nothing new to offer in that area. But the film does manage to differentiate itself to a certain extent in its treatment of the story.

The climax is needlessly dragged. The entry of Thagubothu Ramesh and Ashish Vidyarthi are totally unnecessary. Perhaps, Nandini brought them in just as good luck charms from the ‘Ala Modalaindhi’ days.

Placement of songs could have been better.

Technical Aspects :

The film has rich visuals and you do not get the feeling that you are watching a sub 5 crore film. Cinematography is good enough and Junaid’s editing is crisp. Kalyan Koduri has delivered two very good songs and a nice background score for the film.

Nandini Reddy’s biggest talent is in playing with emotions and she has succeeded once again in that area. Her treatment makes all the difference to this otherwise old story.

Verdict :

‘Kalyana Vaibhogame’ is a feel good love story that has good performances and solid emotions. When you finally walk out of the theater, you will end up feeling good and that is something that always works, doesn’t it ? You can go watch this family entertainer this weekend.

Filmnews Rating – 3.25/5